An impression (lat. Imprimere, the “overall effect of something”) Impressions are all our sensations, passions and emotions, as they make their first appearance in the soul.
I still have a suitcase in Berlin
Do you have two days off? Yes, then get yourself a train- or flight ticket and enjoy Berlin. Why? Berlin is one of the most interesting and exciting cities worldwide, alive, vibrant and full of energy. Innovative architecture, the typical “Berlin scene” and the sensational nightlife has made this town to a fascinating capital with an exceptional spirit. The most exciting is Berlin in the summer time…get inspired

Visiting Jamie The nickname of Jamie Oliver “The Naked chef” stands for simplicity of the ingredients and the way he prepares his recipes. This typical simplicity you can feel and enjoy in his Restaurants 'Jamie's Italian' in London: best and freshest cuisine, authentically Italian in a modern and casual ambiance and all that at very reasonable prices for London conditions…read more