You are no longer satisfied with your present restaurant?
Your concept has seen better days and needs refreshment?
You are not satisfied with your turnover and/or your profit?
We are your specialist for a detailed operational analysis and a subsequent reorganisation, a refreshment and/or a rejuvenation of your existing concept if necessary.
"We do this with expertise and great attention to detail"
Our programs:
Operational support
Together with you and/or your manager we analyse your business and create a "smart" action plan and participate in your implementation.
„Moment of truth“
A basis check with the "eye of a customer"
Everybody of us is at risk to get "professionally blinkered" after a long time in the same business: some obvious and important things are not more in focus.
"We will raise your awareness"
„Low Budget Remodelling“
Your guest/sales area is rather outdated? We refresh your guest area with a low budget. Courage in using more emotion, zeitgeist and bold colours.
"Your guests will feel comfortable and your revenues will reflect this"
Personnel & Team
We create a personnel profile suitable for you and your concept, create an appealing text and layout for your ad. And support you in finding and selecting the right team for you.
"People make the difference"
Educational & training programs
According to your needs and suitable for your team, we create small training units, kick-offs and coaching programs for you.
"Professional results in daily efforts"
Standardization & Systematization
This is not only an important issue for the multi-unit srore companies, but also for individual operations. Consistent processes, operational procedures, organisational structures and guidelines must be established to achieve good results.
"Learning from the Leaders"
Because of our network, we experience interesting properties and projects in an early stage. We will gladly arrange interesting gastronomic sites. To make "shopping a real fun experience", we support big, new and existing shopping centres in the selection of the right gastronomical industry mix.
"Local Store Marketing Program"
"Global thinking – local acting"
In this "workshop on site" we develop together: "What are the real needs and desires of my special target group?" "What is the potential in my market and the broader environment?"
"Sales and Profit Development Program"
"How can I generate more sales/higher result in my existing business?"
A question you have to deal with constantly. On this issue your entire success is depending on. We are only dealing with this all-important question in the workshop with you and/or your team. We analyse your key figures, identify potentials and develop concrete solutions.