Already as a little boy – grown up in the United States—he was a gourmet and a careful observer.

James Bola, the German - American is since 2007 on board and he is the creative part in the team.

His enthusiasm and passion is for good food, good wines and good bread.

James is a “people man” and is fascinating the clients with his business expertise and
his own cool way in various projects. On City Study tours he has the right nose for new products and totally different new concepts.

Not only in his job James Bola is showing passion for enjoyment and lifestyle. Cooking for family and friends are his passions and at the same time sources of inspiration and creativity for the business. As an enthusiastic traveler he is visiting since over 30 years the Piemont and other wine regions, meeting and knowing all the excellent winemakers. On study tours with different small and larger groups participants are appreciating thisapproach of highest quality.

James Bola is born with an “out of the box thinking”. He is a good listener, always calm and level-headed and therefore known as a good problem solver. Everything is possible.

His greater enthusiasm for for good wines and enjoyment led him to establish the „Barolo Club “. The “After -Work Parties for adults” – a series of culinary wine-events –  always in rotating and exceptionally locations were a communication- and meeting place for up to 600 like-minded people.

2003 he became a call to Füssen in the lovely Allgäu region. James was in the development- team of the „Ludwig II “- musical. He was responsible for promotional campaigns, the media- and press communication, celebrity guidance, backstage support for the artists, the service areas. For the musical theatre he organized as well special and popular events.