Since 2007, Julia Zentgraf is studying business administration at the University of Mainz. Her special
focus is on controlling and logistics. She is working for foodservice solutions as a student assistant
since 2008. Earlier she was temporarily employed at a bakery chain for five years. During this time she
could gain a lot of experience in selling, customer contact, sales service and independent tasks – a good
basis for her current job at the foodservice consultancy.
Among other things, her tasks includes creative activities like the independent creation and editing of
presentations, the design of emotional mood charts as well as the visual presentation of guest rooms
with a pleasant ambiance. In addition, her responsibilities include the assistance in the development
of business plans, the creation of operational manuals as well as the evaluation, preparation and pre-
sentation of quality checks, but also research, brainstorming and organisational tasks belong to her field.
One of her "favourite subjects" is the development of excel charts, templates, calculations and check lists.
In addition to her great interest in the foodservice market and the associated visits of new and innovative
concepts, she enjoys spending her free time with the creation of sweet delicacies (muffins, cupcakes,
chocolates and liqueurs) or the planning of trips to European capitals. Especially London, where she has
worked as an Au Pair for one year, has made an impression on her.