Nora Batz studies the course “Master in Management” at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz.
Her focus is on marketing. Currently, she writes a Master's Thesis with the topic ‘Mass Customization’.
Mrs. Batz comes from the “Gasthaus Rudolph” in Liederbach (Taunus). This restaurant is family owned since
the year 1620. This is why she has quite some experience in the practical part of the foodservice business. 
Since last year she is representing the “Apple wine queen” of Frankfurt; therefore she is visiting events in and
around Frankfurt on weekends.

Among other things, her tasks at foodservice solutions includes creative activities like the creation and editing
of presentations, the design of emotional mood charts as well as the visual presentation of guest rooms with a
pleasant ambiance, as well as the support in creating operational manuals , but also research, brainstorming  
for new concepts. Organizational tasks and the development of excel charts, templates, calculations and check
lists belong to her field as well.

Nora Batz spends her leisure hours with horse riding or reading a good book. Of great interest is for her travelling.
It is convenient that the father of her boyfriend works as a flight captain and so she had the possibility to see
some countries. She visited for example Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Dubai and Bangkok.
Particularly interesting for her were the traditional Brazilian restaurants. They are called “Churrascarias”, there the
waiter cuts the meat directly from big skewers on the plate.