Annette Mützel has been active in the branded foodservice industry for three decades.
As store manager, she opened the first Burger King outlet of Germany in 1976 in Berlin. Due to countless on the job and class training and the best training programmes in Madrid, Denver, Chicago and Miami, she experienced the whole world of system catering concepts and branded foodservice. At Burger King, Annette Mützel held various marketing and operations positions Europe-wide. She managed over 20 openings of the Company chain from Helsinki to Vienna.
In 1984, Annette Mützel switched to Wienerwald, where she worked on different projects on behalf of Friedrich Jahn, the “Pope” of the German system catering and branded food service.
From 1988 to 1998, she worked for the furniture store IKEA as foodservice and customer relations manager. Together with a Swedish team, Annette Mützel changed the individual IKEA restaurant outlets into the worldwide restaurant, bistro and Sweden shop-concept which is still running successfully today.
After “Köttbullar & Co. her way led to the North Sea coast. At NORDSEE – the only European seafood specialty chain – Annette Mützel was Chief operating officer and responsible for 400 units and 6000 employees. Her task was the rejuvenation and updating of the brand, the systematization and standardization of the units as well as the development of new sales channels and concepts. Within 4 years her team opened around 100 new stores and renovated 150 NORDSEE stores. The new snack box, new fresh menus, sushi, Fish and chips, the kids program “Sandy Seestern” were developed and successfully introduced during that time.
Since 2003 Annette Mützel runs her own business in Wiesbaden. Together with a little team she has an agency and consultancy for professional foodservice and their suppliers.