Annette Mützel                                                    James Bola 

The Restaurant business is a fascinating industry! We owe our special competence with many
years of experience in Top-Management positions as well as to the transfer and sharing of know-
ledge within our unique and cross-industry network. Part of our success is the knowledge of major
worldwide trends, based on our various business- and individual travels and our enthusiasm and
openness and curiosity for novelty.
In all our projects, we start with an in-depth inventory of your current situation. Each of our new
developed or revised concepts is unique. We support your company values, your culture and
individual needs in the project.
The appropriate modules for cooperation are based on these needs, your future positioning and
your target that we develop in a first workshop.
With foodservice solutions you have one contact person from strategy to project realization.
We can offer this added value because of our excellent network.
foodservice solutions provides practical, straightforward and customer-oriented solutions.